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Cameron Sino Technology Limited is rooted in the global battery market, to support the sustained growth of the battery market. Our professionals of developers and researchers are constantly upgrading our skills and technology to meet the wishes and demands of vendors and potential end customers who are curious about our extensive range of battery products. Based on the business development concept of “win – win”, Goldbank will expand its authorized distribution network in an orderly, steady and timely manner in the global battery market. Our reseller program provides everything you need to accelerate the pace, creation of new business opportunities and mastering the key to success for those who are keen to join.

Our company was established over 20 years ago, with gradual and steady success in team expansion, increasing our product line, in depth research, advancement of technology and growing our SKU beyond 18,000. Every month, we are releasing an enormous amount of hundreds of new products so that we are fulfilling the requirements of new technology, devices and the rapidly changing market. At present times, we have offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Hannover, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa – this efficient and connected transportation channel allows us to deliver quality and competent delivery service and communication on a large scale network. Our IT department has developed easy to manage and advanced systems so that our vendors can do business with ease of stress, placing them ahead in this market.

Your recognition will be realised as a dealer, due to the unbeatable prices from our end putting you ahead of other competitors. Our company is a growing team of experts, we are equipped with the knowledge and capacity to support, guide and train dealers in the area of products, systems, customer service, warehouse management, marketing strategy. Dealers are free to request personal requirements and wishes to fulfil their business obligations, to maximize their turnover, achieving a win – win, long term, and stable relationship with Cameron Sino. Join us today for a bright forthcoming future.

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  • Global Express Network

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