Product Verification

Product Verification

Here, you will find the Cameron Sino anti-counterfeit system. You may use our tool below to find out the legitimacy of your item.

Cameron Sino batteries are sold worldwide, therefore we pay close attention against brand and product counterfeiters. Our promise to you is, we will always provide top quality products and services to ensure you feel confident and secure at all times.

All Cameron Sino products manufactured officially will have the anti-counterfeit security label sealed on. Each ACS label generates a unique digital code with a fixed length code comprising of numbers 0-9, unique to each product. Customers may use the tool below on this page, to verify his or her battery. For future reference, please use the tool below if you are uncertain on the validity of your purchased item.

· If your item was officially manufactured by Cameron Sino, the system will show 'Thank you for purchasing from Cameron Sino.

· If your item is a counterfeit, the system will show 'The verification code does not exist, please try again.

· If the code has been used before, the system will show 'The verification code has been used before, please enter another code for verification.

Cameron Sino Genuine Products Verification