Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our product. We stand behind the quality of our batteries and are pleased to offer the following warranty conditions: The purpose of this procedure is to set up the warranty and service policy of Cameron Sino products for distributors and agents to reference while handling RMA cases. These procedures are for: 1) the reduction of RMA costs resulting from misjudgments, and 2) facilitating quicker response times for increased customer satisfaction.

感謝您選擇我們的產品。 我們保證電池的質量,並很高興提供以下保固條件:

此程序的目的是製定Cameron Sino產品的保固和服務政策,供經銷商和代理商在處理RMA案件時參考。 這些程序的目的是:1) 減少因誤判而導致的 RMA 成本,2) 加快回應速度,並提高顧客滿意度。

1.Warranty Period

Warranty Period (from the date of purchase) for all Cameron Sino’s batteries are 12 months for Li-ion / Li-polymer Batteries and 6 months for Ni-MN/Ni-CD batteries.

Cameron Sino 所有電池的保固期(自購買日起)為鋰離子/鋰聚合物電池 12 個月,鎳錳/鎳鎘 電池 6 個月。


The procedures presented in this document apply to all Cameron Sino Technology Limited products.

本文件中介紹的程序適用於Cameron Sino生產之所有產品。


Products found to be defective within the warranty are eligible for RMA returns.



a.The warranty does not cover damage resulting from: misuse, accidental damage, abnormal overloading use, negligence, abuse, revisions, improper setup, illegal repair or revisions, improper testing, over temperature/humidity specification, power surges, power spikes, power loss, natural disasters, or Unpredictable factors.


b.The warranty does not cover who modified or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of Cameron Sino, or

保固不包括由 Cameron Sino 技術人員以外的人員以任何方式進行的修改或維修,或

c.Damaged due to misuse, abuse, accident or any damage arising out of transportation of the product.


d.Products with a missing or damaged Cameron Sino label or date-code are not covered by the warranty.

Cameron Sino 標籤或日期代碼缺失或損壞的產品不在保固範圍內。

e.No replacement will be provided if Cameron Sino finds that the returned products function properly after Cameron Sino tests the products. In addition, the returned shipping costs and handling fees for those non-defective return products will be at the customer’s expense.

如果經Cameron Sino測試後發現退回的產品功能正常,則不會提供更換。 此外,無瑕疵退貨產品的退貨運費和手續費將由客戶承擔。

f.We cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item(s) and we cannot be held liable.


g.The shipment of batteries is strictly regulated and monitored. Failure to comply with the correct shipping procedure, please package your return well to avoid damages during return shipment.

As mentioned above; If the return arrives in bad condition or item(s) has modification, this is considered in violation of the Warranty/Policy. Therefore, the customer will no longer be eligible for refund or exchange.

電池的運輸受到嚴格監管和監控。 如果未遵守正確的運送程序,請妥善包裝您的退貨,以免在退貨期間造成損壞。

正如剛才提到的; 若退貨到達時狀況不佳或商品有修改,則視為違反保固/政策。 因此,客戶將不再有資格獲得退款或換貨.

h.All returns must be individual and firmly packaged. If there is no individual packaging, Cameron Sino will reject all return and will not accept the return application. If an accident occurs during transportation, Cameron Sino will not be responsible and all responsibilities will be borne by the customer.

所有退貨均需要獨立及堅固包裝,如沒有獨立包裝Cameron Sino一律拒收不接受退貨申請,如運輸過程中一旦發生意外,Cameron Sino 一概不負責任,所有責任均由客戶承擔。

5.Return Process

a.Fill RMA form, pls contact the window person or info@cameronsino.com

填寫RMA表格,請聯絡相關銷售人員或 info@cameronsino.com

b.Pls include the following information:

-Return Item(s)


-date code

-Details description of reason of return item(s)


- 退換貨品

- 數量

- 日期代碼

- 退貨原因的詳細說明

c.After RMA has been submitted to sales window person. Salesman will check the RMA list and inform you which items are under warranty.

RMA 提交給銷售人員後, 銷售人員將檢查 RMA 清單並告知您哪些物品在保固期內。

d.The customer is responsible for return shipping under the confirmed RMA form, we will not provide return label. Provide the tracking number to sales window person for reference check.

客戶負責根據已確認的 RMA 表格進行退貨運輸,我們將不提供退貨標籤。 向銷售窗口人員提供追蹤號碼以供參考檢查。

e.Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you for replacement or rejection.



All Cameron Sino batteries included date-code number for manufacturing traceability that indicate when the battery was manufactured.

For Cameron Sino batteries, the 21-digit date-code is located on the top or back of the battery, the 1-4 digits of date-code are being a manufacture date. The other digits are internal reference only.

所有 Cameron Sino 電池均包含用於製造可追溯性的日期代碼,顯示電池的製造時間。

對於 Cameron Sino 電池,21 位元日期代碼位於電池的頂部或背面,其中 1-4 位元日期代碼是製造日期。 其他數字僅供內部參考。

7.Shipping Cost

Cameron Sino shall bear no responsibility for any loss nor costs if the battery products cause the device being defective.

Cameron Sino will not assist any end-users on returning, instead the company shall only directly return to member customers.

如果電池產品導致設備出現缺陷,Cameron Sino將不承擔任何損失和費用。

Cameron Sino不會協助任何最終用戶退貨,公司只會直接向會員客戶退貨。

8.Replacement order

Cameron Sino only accepts replacement order instead of credit.

Cameron Sino只接受換貨,不接受退款.

9.Discontinued item(s)

Cameron Sino only credit for those discontinued item(s). The unit price will be base on existing price from Cameron Sino.

我們只對那些停產的商品進行退款。 單價將以Cameron Sino現有價格為基礎。

10.Handling cost

a.Non-defective returns: for any non-defective item(s) or refused shipment, we will charge 15% restocking fee.

**If the item returned to us is tested to be working, it will be treated as a non-defective return**

無瑕疵退貨:對於任何無缺陷商品或拒絕發貨,我們將收取 15% 的退貨費用。